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10 Things You Need Before You Buy a Dog

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1.  Bed

I like to buy memory foam or plush beds but choose any bed you like.  If you are worried about your puppy having accidents on his bed you can get a vet bed which has fluffy material on one side and rubber on the other so it is easy to clean.

2.  Crate

Crates are optional but it is nice to have one if you can't watch your dog all the time or to put your dog in when you leave the house.  I really like these big ones but get the size right for your dog.

3. Food And Water Dishes

You can get cute bowls with writing or graphics on it or normal stainless steel.  I like stainless steel for cleanliness and own about a million of them!  I also use this bowl holder for Hugo as he as elbow dysplasia and struggles to bend down.

4.  Food

Get whichever food you want to feed your dog.  I feed my dog, Hugo, who is a bull mastiff this Royal Canin Giant Junior dog food.  There are plenty of great food brands out there but always do a lot of research before giving it to your dog.
A raw diet is the best for your dog but you should research this before starting it and talk to your vet in case your dog needs extra supplements.

5.  Harness, Collar, Lead and Tags

You can just buy the basic collar and lead or you could buy loads of different accessories depending on what you are going to be doing with your dog.  Click here to see travel accessories.

6.  Grooming Equipment

Depending on your dog's coat you many need brushes, nail clippers and scissors.  You may buy more after if you need them but this is a good place to start.

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7.  Puppy Pads and Poo Bags

Puppy pads are used for the first month usually so make sure you have enough to get through that time.  With poo bags just buy as many as you think you will need depending on how often you will take your dog away from home.

8.  Toys

Essential for puppies and dogs to keep them busy!  I always leave toys with my dogs so that if they ever want to chew anything there is a toy right beside them.  I also give Hugo a Kong toy with treats inside while I leave the house.

9.  Treats

I know plenty of people who don't use treats to train their dogs but I think it works great.  I always try to buy the healthy treats or raw/cooked meat.

10.  Health Care

When you get your puppy or dog you will need to get some things to keep them healthy.  The basics are flea treatment, wormer, eye drops and ear cleaner.


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.
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