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How to Take Care of Your Animal After an Operation

1.  Set up an area for the night

I really like to set up a clean area for my animals for the first night when they get home.  Here is how I set up areas for different types of animals.


For my dogs I usually set up an area on the floor in the room I am in the most.  I will get a clean bed and a big bowl of water close enough to the bed that they can reach it without moving too much.  My dogs usually stay in that area without walking away but you may need to set it up in a crate.


I always use a big dog crate for my cats after an operation.  I put their litter tray, a bed and a bowl of water in it.  You want to make sure everything fits in nicely and that it's not too cramped or big enough that they can walk around too much.

Small Animals

On the odd occasion that one of my small animals (Rabbits and Guinea pigs) get an operation, I set up a small, blocked off area in their cage.  I use fleece instead of shavings and make sure I remove it and replace it with a clean one every 12 hours of so.  I also put their litter tray, hay and water bottle in there.

Farm animals

With farm animals, I usually set up a disinfected stable with clean bedding, water and food.  I will make sure they can see their friends but not let them in together.

2.  Keep to a routine

Keeping a routine after your animal's op is so important because of the medicine.  You should make sure you are feeding your animal their medicine at the same time every day to avoid them getting it too soon or it wearing off.

3.  Keep things quiet

After your animal gets home from the vets, it is important to provide a good place which is quiet and doesn't have any other pets or people to disturb them.  Your animal will sleep a lot so it is best to keep things quiet and calm.

4.  Easy Foods

You vets will probably recommend certain foods for after an operation.  I am always recommended for cats and dogs to feed simple, quite plain food.  I will usually feed my cats and dogs plain chicken or fish.  For small animals and farm animals I usually stick to only hay until they have recovered.

5.  On Lead toilet breaks

It is very important to only allow your animal to walk around slowly and avoid running and jumping.  It is recommended for dogs to use a lead for exercise until their stitches come out.


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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