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How To Hatch Chicken Eggs The Right Way

Heat and Humidity

This is the most important parts of hatching chicken eggs.  So everyone knows that the best temperature to hatch eggs is 37.5°C but what about the humidity?  Well, I think everyone does it a little different but the main idea is to dry hatch until lock-down then increase the humidity for hatching.  This works fine but I have found a much better way of doing things.  I have found that chicks don't need extra humidity to hatch.  As long it is between 50-60% (which mine is) then there is no need!  This is called dry hatching and I think it is the way to go.


This is definitely the same for everyone.  You should turn the eggs an odd number of times a day so they are on a different side each night.  I turn my eggs 7 times a day but 3-5 turns a day is also fine.

Chicken Hatching Tips

Write X on one side of the egg and O on the other is you can tell which side to turn it on.

Candle the air sack every 5-7 days and draw it onto the egg.  This will tell you if the chick inside is alive and developing and it will also tell you when the will hatch.

The Schedule

Before - Candle + mark the air sack, Mark X and O on sides.

Days 1-3 - Don't turn, treat like lock-down

Days-3-17 - Turn every day, candle at day 5/7 to check if fertile + if the air sack is growing (Repeat this every 7 days).  Allow a cool down period for 5-10minutes a day by taking them out of the incubator.

Days 18-21 - Stop turning and start lock-down.  This means don't open the incubator until the chicks hatch.


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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