Friday, 3 May 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Cat won't Use The Litter Tray

If you have indoor cats you know how annoying litter trays are BUT we put up with them for our cat's safety.  What is WAYYYY worse is when your cat decides that your brand new carpet is a MUCH better toilet!  

Luckily, your cat hasn't just decided to make your life worse, he's doing it for a reason.  Here are some of the reasons that your cat isn't using his litter tray and some tips on how to fix this problem.  

1.  Marking

If you notice that there is cat pee that is off the ground and sprayed up walls it is because he is marking.  This is usually because your cat is not spayed or neutered (females spray too).  This is an easy fix by getting your cat spayed/neutered (which should always be done anyway) BUT some cats can still spray.  

If your cat is fixed and still spraying this is usually because they are being territorial either with other animals in your home or if they can smell other cats outside.  Give your cat at least one litter tray to himself and set up an area in your home for him to relax by himself.  You should aim for at least one litter tray per cat but the more the better.  

2.  Dirty litter

I find that a lot of cat owner only clean the litter tray out once per day.  To me, this is nowhere near often enough!  I spot clean my cat's litter tray every time they use it and swap the cat litter twice per day.  
If you leave the litter tray dirty for too long your cat will not use it.  

3.  Too Many Cats

As I said above, you need to have enough litter trays if you can multiple cats.  I would say one per cat in the minimum to avoid problems.  Some cats simply will not use the same litter tray as another cat.  Others won't use the litter tray if their buddy has been marking near it.  

4. Area Not Being Cleaned Properly

If your cat had an accident on the floor and continues to use that same area it is probably due to you not cleaning properly.  

Cats are similar to dogs in the way they go to the toilet.  In fact, most animals use this thought process.  They will always go to the toilet in the same place.  How do they find this place?  They smell it.  So if your cleaning isn't up to scratch, they will continue to use the same place.  


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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