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How To Train Your Dog To Stop Chasing Your Cat

It's Pretty well known that dogs chase cats.  It is not just because dogs are aggressive but cats run away from dogs, causing a prey drive spike in the dog.  This is an easy fix when both the cat and dog are allowed to meet properly to become comfortable.  

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1.  The Setup

It is important that you start your dog's training in a place that the cat feels comfortable.  This means the cat will be calmer and therefore the training will be smoother.  

You will then put your cat into a *safe pet carrier* so the dog can see and smell the cat without getting into it.  Lastly, you need to choose to train when your dog is in a relaxed, confident mood.  You will also have a *lead* on your dog and a *muzzle* if you think it is necessary.  

Train Your Dog To Be Calm Around Cats

Start by walking your dog around the room until he smells or sees the cat.  Use treats to re-direct his attention from the cat to you.  Your goal here is to get your dog to relax and ignore the cat.  When this happens, you can start to get closer.  Start with walking your dog past the cat (in its carrier) without stopping.  when he acts calmly you can let him stand and smell the cat.  If he becomes excited or aggressive then walk your dog away and repeat the start of the training again.  

Let Your Cat Walk Around Your Dog

Next, you're going to let your cat out of the crate.  Keep your dog on the lead and get him to lie down.  You want him to stay calm and ignore the cat or watch without reacting.  You need a helper to make sure the cat doesn't get too close at this point.  Have patience, you really want the dog to become bored with the cat, which might take a while.  

Let Your Cat Play Infront Of Your Dog

The number one reason why dogs chase cats is that the cat runs away.  You need to get your dog used to your cat running, jumping and playing.  The best way you can do this is to get someone to play with your cat while you hold your dog.  Again, your goal is for your cat to become boring to the dog.  

Repeat Training

Now that you have finished the first turn of training between the cat and dog, you basically want to repeat it for at least a week.  Letting your cat play in the room while your dog is on a lead.  You can start to slowly let your dogs lead longer/looser when you feel comfortable.  

When you feel that the dog is completely relaxed with your cat, you can allow them to sniff each other (with the dog on a lead).  When you eventually take the lead off the dog, make sure you are always in the room when they are together.  It will take a good few months until you feel completely comfortable.  

*Never leave the house when they are together*.  


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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