Sunday, 29 July 2018

10 Things You Need Before You Adopt or Buy a Cat

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1.  Cat Carrier

You will need a cat carrier to bring your cat or kitten home!  It is also needed to bring your cat to the vet or to travel your cat in the car.  

2.  Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bowls are another essential, I recommend having a separate water and food bowl for each cat that you own.  Stainless steel is a great option to avoid bacteria.   

3.  Food

It is important that you research cat food before you get a kitten or a cat.  You should be looking for a cat food that has a high amount of actual meat, not things like 'chicken meal' or vegetable protein.  I always recommend feeding dry AND wet cat food for added moisture.

 The best thing to feed your cat is a raw diet but I understand that for a lot of owners this is not possible.

4.  Litter Tray And Equipment

Litter trays are an obvious product for indoor cats.  There are a lot of products that go with a litter tray to make your horse cleaner and avoid the smell.  Read more about litter tray accessories here.

5.  Bed

Not essential if you are on a budget but it's nice to give your pets their own space to sleep.  I always choose a very thick and fluffy or memory foam bed.  

6.  Collar And Tags

I would highly recommend having your cat microchipped AND put a collar with tags on.  Even if you plan to keep your cat indoors.  

7. Scratching Pole Or Tower

Many people may not think this is something that will be a great help when getting a new cat but it definitely is.  Your cat will love it and you will notice your cat won't feel the need to scratch your stuff.

8.  Toys

A bored kitten can be a nightmare!  Keeping you up all night and running around knocking things over.  This has been happening to me with two new kittens and so I have had to buy more toys for them.

9.  Grooming Equipment

You need a grooming kit for your cat whether it is a kitten or an adult.  If you have a kitten it is important to groom him often to get him used to being groomed or you will have problems when he grows up!

10.  Health Care

Once you have adopted or bought a kitten or cat it is important to ask when the cat has last been wormed and had flea treatment (along with other things).  You will need these things to keep up the routine.  


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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