Monday, 20 May 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Rabbit is Scared Of You

1.  You Have No Bond

Rabbits need to have a good bond with their owner.  If not, the rabbit will always be scared of you and will have no trust.  Gaining a bond with your rabbit will take a while but will be worth it.  

Start by sitting or lying down beside your rabbit and let him check you out.  Give him a treat when he comes up to you.  Don't touch or pet the rabbit for a while until you feel that he is relaxed.  Always make sure you are quiet and talk softly to him.  Never pick your rabbit up during bonding sessions.  

2.  He's Scared To Be Picked Up

Rabbits really don't like being picked up.  this is because their natural instinct tells them that being picked up means danger/a predator.  So, although picking your rabbit up occasionally is fine, avoid it as much as possible.  I like to train my bunnies to go into a pet carrier when asked so I can use the carrier to pick up and move the rabbit.  

When you do need to pick your rabbit up you must do it properly to avoid injuring him.  Apart from scaring your rabbit, rabbits have very fragile spines.  

To Pick up a rabbit correctly, do the following.  Get Down to the rabbits level slowly, use one arm to 'scoop' under the rabbit's chest area and the other arm to put under the back feet.  Slowly pick the rabbit up and hold close to your body (without squeezing).  Always support all four feet.  

3.  He Has Learnt From His Buddies 

Rabbits are social animals and always need a buddy.  So, if one rabbit is scared of you then the other one probably will be too.  This is mostly because of the rabbit's natural instinct.  If one rabbit becomes scared and runs away in the wild then they all will.   So, it is important that you have fully bonded with each rabbit that you own.  

4.  Hormonal Problems

If your rabbit is not spayed/neutered then you will have a lot of problems.  Sometimes a rabbit that is hormonal will act like he is actually scared.  A scared rabbit can lash out at your hands but so can a hormonal rabbit.  It is extremely important that you get your rabbit spayed/neutered, not only for behavioural problems BUT for your rabbit's health.  

I remember owning a beautiful black rabbit when I was younger that was highly aggressive.  From the day I got her until my mum got her spayed she would jump at my hands, kick, bite and grow if I tried to pick her up.  Immediately after her being spayed, she was a different rabbit and was my best buddy for a long time.  


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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