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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates You

Do you think your cat hates you?  Sometimes we unintentionally annoy our cats to the point that the can become aggressive towards us.   

Fortunately, you can fix this.  With just a few weeks of switching how you act towards our cats, you could see a huge difference.  

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1.  You Annoy him

Have you ever watched a kid pick up, pet or annoy a cat?  Maybe we don't take it to this level BUT some cats really don't want to be touched unless it is on their terms.  You may just be trying to get your cat some attention but this is a big no-no if he is already showing signs of not liking you.  It is also possible that if your cat won't sit in your knee for a nap, you are moving around or touching him while he tries to sleep.  

Instead, try using a toy to allow him to play right beside you without any touch.  This is a great way to gain trust and get your cat to eventually like you.  

2.  You Scare him

This is something that my cat has gone through.  He wasn't handled properly as a kitten so he was naturally timid.  A year later as he is still scared of some people in the house if they move too quickly or make a loud noise.  It may be that you have not gained his trust or you have done something to break that trust (I hope by accident).    

If your cat is scared of you there are a few things to do.  First of all, you need to start being very thoughtful while around your cat.  Be careful to stay quiet and avoid moving to fast.  Next, again you should start to play with your cat with his favourite toy.  This is great for creating trust.  If you have another cat then encourage that one to play too.  

3.  No Bond

Cats who aren't bonded to their owner really don't have a great life.  They have no trust for their owner and they don't have the security of an owner who protects them.  They have no desire to be around you or play with you.  This means they will have a boring life and will not like you being around.  

4.  You Play Too Much

Yes, this is possible with cats.  sometimes, your cat may not actually hate you, he is just in the habit of playing rough with you.  I would always recommend NOT playing with your cat with your own hand.  This makes your cat learn that it is okay to bite or scratch you.  Obviously, this isn't what we want and it can turn into a habit quickly.  

Take a break from playing for a few weeks and then you can introduce a *new toy with a long handle* to play with.  

5.  He is Missing Out On Something

Cats get the same frustrations as any other animal.  This could be because the cat is not spayed/neutered and is also not mating (NOT recommended, please spayed/neuter your cat).  If this is the case, you will see a big improvement when he has been done.  

Another big issue that causes aggression in cats is stress.  Depending on what is making your cat stressed, it is easy to treat.  Start by getting *cat shelves* and *wall hides* that hang on the wall.  This will give your cat somewhere high up to hide.  Then you will start to remove the things that are making that cat scared.  


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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