Wednesday, 19 September 2018

How to Feed Your Guinea Pig The Right Way

Hay Or Grass

This will be the main part of your guinea pig's diet.  You should try to give your guinea pig unlimited amounts of hay for them to graze on at all times.  It is very important for his health along with keeping his teeth ground down.


Your guinea pig should be fed around 30g-50g of nuggets every day depending on the brand.  This will give your guinea pig a great number of vitamins and minerals without having to supplement.

Fresh Veg

I personally give my guinea pigs fresh veg every day but it can be fed every few days if you like.  It is best to feed different veg every day so that he can get a lot of different types of vitamins and minerals.

An example of the veg I feed -

Monday - Romaine lettuce and courgette

Tuesday - Bell pepper and carrot

Wednesday - Cucumber and Broccoli

Thursday - Celery and Grapes

Friday - Romaine lettuce and baby corn

Saturday - Spinach and Apple

Sunday - Kale and Neep (or turnip)


Healthy treats are great to keep your guinea pig happy and boredom-free.  I consider fruit as a treat which I feed once or twice a week.  You can also get treats from pet shops just avoid treats that have been glued together.


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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