Monday, 17 June 2019

3 Reasons NOT To Let Your Dog Off Lead

Your dog may be great off lead, never leaving your side and being friendly to people and other animals but do you know the risks?  Here are 3 reasons not to let your dog off lead.  

1.  Interrupting Other Dogs

Your dog may be friendly but others could be aggressive, nervous or in training.  Many off-lead dogs walk straight up to dogs who are on a lead.  This is not only dangerous to your dog but also could ruin the other dog's training or confidence.  It really disheartens me to see people let their dogs interrupt the training of other dogs.  Keeping your dog on a lead is not only safer but also more polite.  

2.  Easy to Run Away Or Get Lost

Yes, I know your dog may have an amazing recall and never leaves your side but accidents happen.  We see too many 'lost dog' posts on social media these days, you can bet the dog's owner wishes they had just used a lead.  Dogs can get spooked by loud noises and take off.  I know this first hand.  

I had my puppy on a lead (Hugo was about 8 months old and at least 40kg at the time) while someone's car was stuck in the mud in a huge field.  When the car was towed out, the car's exhaust was ripped off causing a huge noise.  Hugo got spooked and dragged me halfway down the field before I could stop him (the disadvantage of a strong breed like the bullmastiff).  Luckily he had a harness and lead on but dogs will bolt off in dangerous places or simply run into the woods and get lost.  

The woods can be dangerous for dogs, due to wild animal holes that they can fall into or even traps from hunters for wild animals.  The dog could either get stuck and CAN'T come back to the owner or sometimes worse.  

Again, I have some experience in this, unfortunately.  A family friends dog was allowed to wander all day.  The dog went into a wood and ended up being caught in a hunter's trap.  Long story short the dog died in the woods and wasn't found for months.  Yes, this family was very stupid for letting their dog wander BUT the same could happen to an off lead dog.  

3.  The Risk of Chasing Animals

We have all seen the terrible pictures online of sheep being killed by dogs AND the dogs being killed by the farmer.  I don't care how sweet your dog seems to other animals, it is not worth the risk.  Not only is it obviously horrible for the sheep but your dog could be killed too.  I have seen dogs shot for chasing sheep all around me (farms around my house).  

It is also possible for your dog to just chase a bird and end up lost or darting across a busy road.  He could chase and injury or even kill someone's pet cat too.  I know your dog is sweet as hell and you don't think he would ever do that but it's possible.  


I am not any type of animal expert but instead only an animal lover who wants to share her tips.  Please consult relevant animal specialists and do not only take my advice.

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